1st London BPSA Scouting Group 

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Boys and/or girls may be members between ages 11 - 15. Their motto is "Be Prepared".
The emphasis is by training through hands on training in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, canoeing and backpacking. The Explorer Troop operates in Patrols of 6 to 8 members led by a Patrol Leader who shares responsibility with an adult leader for discipline, activity planning and training the less experienced members. The new Explorer starts as a Tenderfoot and then progresses to Second Class.

See the Explorer Requirements for more details.

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Timber Wolves

Boys and/or girls may join this section between the ages of 8 and 11, depending upon the composition of the Group. Their motto is "Do Your Best".
They join in many games and practical activities based on the Jungle Book as written by B-P's friend Rudyard Kipling. Much of their learning is 'by doing'. The program is based on the "Tenderpad to Second Star" and starts to focus more on outdoor activities. "New Chums" join and are invested becoming Tenderpads. They progress then from First Star to Second Star with the highest award being the Leaping Wolf Badge.

See the Timber Wolf Program Summary for more details.

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Ages 5-7

Their motto is "Busy and Bright".
The Otters are the youngest section in our Association with children joining at the age of 5 years of age and going to the Timber Wolf Pack at the age of 8. The unit is known as an "Otter Raft" and both boys and/or girls may join, depending upon the composition of the Group. Otters learn useful family skills, community skills, and learn to play safely together. There is a proficiency badge system of four "paws", a Safety Badge, Service Badge and a Camping Badge. The highest award is the Swimming Otter Badge.

See the Otter Badge and Award Book for details.

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