1st London BPSA Scouting Group 

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Scouting the way Lord Baden-Powell intended


The 1st London BPSA is a Traditional Scouting group that follows the original teachings of the founder of Scouting, Lord Baden Powell. We believe that his vision for teaching youth to be better citizens, through the outdoors and leadership, still applies today. The Aim of our Association is, as stated by B-P himself, to promote good citizenship and wholesome physical, mental development; and training in habits of observation, discipline, self-reliance, loyalty, and useful life skills. We preserve Lord Baden-Powell's original ideas in our programs and methods as much as possible, while progressing with the times and keeping up to date with the very latest technology, child protection, legislation, first aid standards and safety in outdoor education. We believe that  Traditional Scouting should be available to all therefore we do all we can to keep the cost of Traditional Scouting low. There are no paid staff through-out BPSA and WFIS and all books are free to download. All supplies are sold at cost and there are no required fund raisers. All funds raised stay directly with the group. We meet on Tuesdays at The Salvation Army London Citadel 555 Springbank Drive, London, ON

 If you would be interested in joining this group please sign up.

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